Terms and Conditions

Description of Services: We provide sales and delivery services for IQOS products and information about these products on our website. We strive to provide high quality service and work continuously to improve our service.

Terms of Service: We provide our services according to the terms and conditions described on our website. To order our products, you must provide accurate and complete information about your contact information, delivery address and method of payment.

Prices for goods and services: We try to offer competitive prices for our goods and services; however, prices are subject to change without notice. We are not responsible for any errors in the prices on our website and reserve the right to cancel your order if the price is incorrect. Minimum order amount for every order is 79,- EUR

Payment: We accept payment for our products and services through the methods listed on our website and available at checkout. Please read the payment terms carefully and only use one of the payment methods indicated.

Shipping: We deliver our goods to the address you provide, subject to the terms and conditions described on our website. Delivery time varies from 3 to 7 business days. We are not responsible for delivery delays due to causes beyond our control. For more information on shipping and delivery process, please visit our shipping policy.

Cancellation: If you decide to cancel your order, please contact us using the contact information on our website. We will consider your cancellation request and inform you of the possibility of cancellation.

Returns: If you decide to return the goods, please contact us using the contact information on our website. For more information on our returns policy, please visit our return policy page.

Warranty: If You face any issues with the product, each device has 2 year warranty. Please first contact our Team via email shop@lilsolid.com and explain the issue (please add photos if applicable). Further You will receive instructions how to return the device for warranty service. Product must be shipped in original packaging as received. 

The warranty conditions do not include:

  • damage resulting from normal wear and tear;
  • surface damage (such as scratches, dents, cracked plastic, etc.);
  • damage caused by misuse, power surge, improper handling, contact with liquid or fire;
  • malfunction caused by use with an incompatible product;
  • damage or malfunction caused by an attempt to open, modify or repair by you or by a service provider not authorized by the manufacturer;
  • damage or malfunction caused by use not as described in the enclosed instructions for use of the IQOS device;
  • normal degradation in battery performance, unless the battery has failed due to a defect in materials or workmanship.

Feedback: We are always happy to hear from you about our products and services, and we welcome suggestions and comments from our customers. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us using the contact information on our website.

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