Energized IQOS ILUMA round cap set


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Accessories for IQOS ILUMA.

Change the device’s look with IQOS ILUMA round cap set.

Set includes Electric Teal, Orange, and Peridot caps, with a handy removal tool.

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The Energized IQOS ILUMA round cap set is a must-have accessory for anyone who loves to use their IQOS ILUMA device. This set is designed to complement the sleek and modern design of the ILUMA, adding both style and functionality to your IQOS experience.

The round cap set is crafted with precision and high-quality materials to ensure a perfect fit and long-lasting durability. The set includes three round caps, allowing you to easily switch up the look of your device whenever you please. The caps come in a three vibrant colors, adding a pop of personality to your IQOS routine.

The caps are easy to attach and remove, making it effortless to customize your ILUMA.
Not only do these round caps add a touch of flair to your IQOS ILUMA, but they also serve a practical purpose of scratch protection. This means your device will continue to provide a consistent and satisfying inhale every time you use it.

The set includes:
● three caps with a smooth finish in three colors: Electric Teal, Orange and Peridot
● a removal tool so you can easily replace them.

Upgrade your IQOS experience with the Energized IQOS ILUMA round cap set. Whether you’re looking to protect your device, add a hint of color, or simply change up the look, these round caps are the perfect solution. Explore the range of vibrant colors and find the perfect set to enhance your IQOS ILUMA today.

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